Welcome to St George´s Special School

Speech and Language Therapy Department.

St George’s School has a dedicated Speech and Language Therapy department, staffed by the Communication Coordinator who is a Local Makaton tutor and a Communication Assistant. We liaise with the Speech Therapist who works in school on a regular basis.

The school has a Total Communication approach.

  • Every member of staff has had Makaton training and all students are encouraged to sign. Makaton training is available for parents / carers and anyone else who is interested.
  • Visual supports are used throughout the school e.g. timetables, IEPs, reading books, questionnaires, rainbow week etc.
  • For students who need them there is a selection of switches and communication devices available in school with full support available.
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is used where appropriate.
  • We have produced conversation books which have enabled many of our students to develop the confidence to communicate. Communication passports are provided for students who require them.

One to one and group sessions with students are held in the Speech and Language Therapy room. Work covered includes social skills, confidence to communicate, language development and phonology.

Every class has a Speech and Language Therapy link worker who is responsible for ensuring the students objectives are worked on daily in liaison with the therapy team.

Outside agencies often come to us for training and advice on communicating with young people with Speech and Language difficulties.

We welcome their interest.

  St George's Communication Bill of Rights  
1) Everyone has the right to be able to communicate in a way that is right for them.  
2) Everyone has the right to be able to make choices for themselves.  
3) Everyone has the right to reject offered choices.  
4) Everyone has the right to access their communication aids at all times.  
5) Everyone has the right to express feelings.  
6) Everyone has the right to be listened to.  
7) Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity, and the right to be included when people talk about them.  
8) Everyone has the right to be given time to respond.  
9) Everyone has the right to request information.  
10) Everyone has the right to be taught how to communicate.  
11) Everyone has the right to be a full and equal member of the class.  
12) Everyone has the right to have their communication aid in working order and to have an alternative.