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Criteria for Special Schools and Resourced Provision Centres

Admission Criteria for Special Schools and Resourced Provision Centres on the Isle of Wight

General Criteria

The specific admission criteria for each of Isle of Wight’s special schools and resourced provision centres are presented below. In general, these criteria will be used when deciding the appropriateness of a placement. However, where there are more children than places available in a particular special school or resourced provision centre the Authority will apply, in order, the following criteria to establish priority for admission.

  1. Pupil(s) with the most significant and/or complex special educational needs.
  2. Pupil(s) in the public care (‘looked after’).
  3. Placements that represent the efficient use of the Council’s resources.
  4. Pupil(s) living closest to the school as measured by a straight line.

The following criteria for each special school and resourced provision centre should be read in conjunction with the Isle of Wight Council’s Criteria for Making Statutory Assessments.

Physical Difficulties (PD)

As a general principle of policy, the Local Authority does not place children whose primary area of need is a physical and/or medical difficulty in special schools. Only children who present physical and/or medical difficulties together with significant learning difficulties will be placed at a special school.