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Transfer Protocol

Children MOVING from Special Schools &
Resourced Provisions to mainstream schools

If, following the Annual Review of a pupilís Statement of Special Educational Needs, or at any appropriate time, it is considered that a pupilís special educational needs would be best met in a mainstream setting a request for transfer should be sent to the Head of the SEN Assessment and Review team.

Staff in the specialist setting should discuss the possible transfer with parents before a request is made and ascertain parental preference for a mainstream school. It will be necessary to inform parents that they are likely to be responsible for transport if they do not choose the school designated for their home address.

Updated information about the pupil and recommendations for transfer, including parental preference, should be sent to the Head of the SEN Assessment and Review team

The SEN Panel will consider the request and advise accordingly but the final decision about placement will be made by a named officer of the Local Authority. It may be necessary to request that a professional from the specialist setting attend the SEN Panel to give further information.

Requests for additional resources to support the pupil in a mainstream setting will be considered by the Local Authority, in line with arrangements for funding Statements of Special Educational Needs

If the transfer request is considered to be appropriate the Local Authority will consult with the parentsí preferred school as outlined in Schedule 27, Education Act 1996. Consideration will be made by the Local Authority of concerns expressed by the school about difficulties in meeting the pupilís needs. A final decision about naming the school on a pupilís Statement of Special Educational needs will be made by the Local Authority.

If the school preferred by parents agrees that the pupilís needs will be met by the school it is likely that a period of integration will be appropriate. This will require joint planning between the special and mainstream settings and include other relevant professionals.