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Consultation PROTOCOL

Admissions to Special Schools and
Resourced Provision Centres (ASD)


At the present time requests for placement at a Special School or Resourced Provision Centre (ASD) will only be considered for children who have a Statement of Special Educational Needs or who are undergoing Statutory Assessment of their special educational needs.

The criteria as outlined on page 9 onwards will be used to assist the determination of appropriate school placements for children with Statements of SEN.


  1. All consultations should be managed by the Authority.
  2. The Authority will consult with the parentsí preferred school, if known and appropriate.
  3. If the Governing Body considers the pupilís special educational needs can be met at the preferred school, and there are no other competing requests, normally the Local Authority will name the preferred school on the childís Statement of SEN.
  4. If doubts remain about the appropriateness of the placement agreed by the Governing Body, the Local Authority will seek the advice and recommendations of the SEN Panel 8 before finalising its decision to name the school.
  5. If there is no response from the Governing Body following consultation and there is a place available at the school the Local Authority will make a decision as to whether to name the preferred school following the advice and recommendations of the SEN Panel.
  6. If, following consultation with the preferred school, the Governing Body considers that the pupil would not be appropriately placed or there is more than one request for a place, the Authority may ask that appropriate professionals from the school attend the SEN Panel to discuss the concerns raised by the Governing Body. This will be timetabled accordingly.
  7. If, following consultation the Governing Body considers that additional resources would be necessary to meet the childís needs this request will be considered by the SEN Panel. A decision will then be made by the Local Authority as to the level of any additional resource or service.
  8. All responses to consultation by Governing Bodies should be made in writing to the Head of the SEN Assessment and Review team, within the timescales set out in the SEN Code of Practice.
  9. Decisions about placements and the reasons they are made should be clearly recorded by the Local Authority and the school, as appropriate, to ensure a transparent decision-making process.
  10. Parents and schools will be notified by the Local Authority in writing about decisions made, and the reasons, in accordance with the timescales and expectations set out in the SEN Code of Practice.

Admission Arrangements

Children will generally be admitted to Special Schools and Resourced Provision Centres in September, at the start of the academic year. Arrangements for placement will ideally be completed by the beginning of March before admission. These timescales will allow for the appropriate planning and transition arrangement to be made.

However, individual consideration will always be given to children moving to the Island who have been attending similar schools or resourced provision centres/units in other authorities. In addition, children whose entry has been agreed by the Local Authority following amendment of their statement of SEN may also be admitted during the academic year, subject to a place being available and the necessary admission criteria being met. In such cases admission may take place at any time in consultation with the school, parents/carers and, where appropriate, the child.



8 The Panel normally includes the Head of the SEN Assessment and Review team, Principal Educational Psychologist, a Primary and Secondary Head teacher.