Welcome to St George´s Special School

Dragon and Horticulture

Dragon is a unique area of St. Georges. It was designed and developed some years ago in collaboration with Eccleston George to create different outdoor spaces accessible to all students. Over the years developments have taken place to maintain and improve the area. Many areas of the curriculum are supported by the Dragon project. It started as a creative project but has grown into so much more.

The space is managed by a team of students from across the school that make up the Dragon committee. Their job is to inform the management team of what has been happening and to put forward new ideas.

Dragon is used by students from across the school and is a valuable resource to develop creativity and prepare students for potential work in horticulture when they leave school. The skills have been enhanced by the recent addition of a poly tunnel so we can grow right through the year and all students can access horticulture in different ways. Some students in sixth form take Horticulture options which lead to accreditations. The students learn how to cultivate plants and we use their skills to sell plants both in school and out in the community. We take plants, hanging baskets and plant displays to Rookley Gardens Galore each year and students help sell at the event.

Dragon includes a sensory garden, a vegetable garden, a herb garden, a willow dome and willow beds, wildlife areas and a Forest Schools circle. Around the school site there are raised beds designed to engage more students in horticulture. We have taken part in local competitions and won prizes in Wight in Bloom and at the Chale Show.

We use the produce from Dragon in school and take some out into the community to help raise funds. We have regularly had displays at the Chale Show and hold our own Summer Show for students to take part in. We also look for opportunities for the students to work in other places so they can broaden their knowledge, skills and experience. This year we are working as volunteers at The Isle of Wight Zoo to help maintain the visitor spaces and grow food stuff for some of the animals. We have built and maintain a ‘tortoise garden’, growing plants that are suitable for the zoo’s tortoise to eat. We take this as an opportunity to introduce the students into the World of Work under the direction of the head gardener.