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Student Council

Student Council

St George’s are very proud of their very active Student Council body. The Council is represented by students across all key stages and are voted for by their peers. In addition to this one student takes on the role of advocate for those students who may find it difficult to be involved in making decisions directly.

The student council are involved in a wide range of activities, some of these have included reviewing the accessibility policy to ensure that students can be as independent as they can while they are at school. Student Council are also represented on the interview panel, asking candidates their own questions when there are new staff being appointed. They have also written their own version of the safeguarding policy that students understand, alongside this they represented the school during a safeguarding audit of the school. Once a term students attend the Governors meeting and report to them on their achievements and share with them any difficulties they have in moving their action plan forwards.

Alongside this, students are responsible for gaining the views and opinions of other students in their key stage. The most popular topic which is discussed regularly is the school dinners. We have had a nutritionist visit our meeting to explain why we have different dinner combinations and the boss of the school dinner company in to explain what we like and dislike about school dinners. The Student Council also worked alongside SENDIASS to try and improve the provision for young people on the Isle of Wight with special needs so that they can access different activities in their local communities and make sure that their voice is heard.

This year we are hoping to enter the Speakers Schools Council Awards, more information on this to follow in February.