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Student Council

Student Council

Last year in student council we 4 big pieces of work. Firstly, we looked at the school vision statement; we didnít understand all of it and thought that it was quite long, so in groups we worked on different sections. We had to find out what the difficult words meant so that we could use different words and in groups we talked about the different sections and made it more student friendly. We then signed it as the studentsí vision statement and Sue came to our meeting and signed it too.
Secondly, we asked our classes and key stages what the best things were about our school and we came up with a top ten. These were

  1. The teachers and LSA's,
  2. Having animals at our school,
  3. Having competitions with other schools,
  4. There are no bullies at our school,
  5. We get to go out on lots of trips,
  6. We like cooking with Kat and Donna,
  7. PE is our favourite lesson,†
  8. Having a salon at our school is great,
  9. We all like art,
  10. We like performing arts

The County Press used our top ten when they wrote about our school. When we knew what the best bits were, we then thought about what wasnít so good. Again, we asked the people in our classes and key stages what we could do to make the school even better. We could only think of 8 things, they were

  1. The playground,
  2. Some students canít open the doors,
  3. Some classrooms are too small,
  4. The dinner hall is too noisy and there are too many people,
  5. The fire alarm is too loud, it hurts our ears,
  6. We canít use the lift by ourselves,
  7. The little art room is messy, there is not enough room in there and some people canít have their own table,
  8. The end of the day is too busy, we donít have time to get all our things and get to the buses on time.

We learnt about the need to make a plan because we canít do all these things straight away. We made an action plan which helped us to think about what the problem is, why it is important, who it affects and what we can do about it.

Our third piece of work involved us working with Heidi Carden from the local authority. She wanted our help with the studentsí part of the EHC plans. This is the new paperwork which will replace our statements. She wanted us to design a page where we could give all the information which was important to us. She gave us some examples of what they already had, but we didnít like them very much as they didnít include the things which we felt were important. Kirsty emailed Heidi with our ideas and she has used them to make new paperwork which we can all access, either by answering the questions or using talking mats or objects for students who canít talk. We were really proud when we got our certificates for helping them and having our photo in the County Press.

Lastly, we have continued to work on our house teams, we are all collecting tokens and putting them into our house team tubes. We met with our house captains to decide what our reward will be if our house win. 2 houses chose a disco, 1 house chose a movie afternoon and 1 house chose a mufti day just for the people in that house. We can collect our tokens for working really hard an achieving our target in a lesson, having a positive attitude, good behaviour or being kind to others, being as independent as we can be, working hard as part of a team or being tolerant and patient of others. You can also earn a token for doing well in other activities such as sporting events, cultural days or events in school, and in house competitions or representing your house in whole school activities.

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