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Bad Weather

Emergency Closure Procedures: Special Schools

It is the policy on the Island not to declare a blanket closure and in general terms, schools are expected to remain open unless there are exceptional circumstances, e.g. serious flooding; water supplies to all or most lavatories are affected; access to the school is cut off, or any significant part of the structure is unsafe

Inclement weather: School Closed

  • A decision will be made by the headteacher, site manger and LA in conjunction with Southern Vectis before 7am if there is a necessity to close the school due to inclement weather.
  • Once the report of a school closure has been notified, the information will be passed to the Councilís Communications Team, who will contact the local media and will regularly update a school closures list on the www.iwight.com website as well as the councilís Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Because there are numerous media organisations based on the Island and in the south region, Schools will not contact the media directly. This is to ensure correct and up to date information is broadcast in a coordinated and consistent manner and eliminates the situation where one media outlet will be broadcasting differing information to the official school closure list or other media outlets, which creates confusion and misinformation.
  • Parents should log on to the www.iwight.com website as this will feature the latest and up to date information relating to their school and there will be a clear link to the school closure list on the home page. They should also listen to local radio stations, ideally Isle of Wight Radio or alternatively BBC Radio Solent and Wave 105.
  • For your reference, we include the web link for the Met Office: http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/uk/se/cowes_forecast_weather.html

Inclement weather: School In Session

In the event of inclement weather occurring whilst the school is in session, it is for the Head Teacher to decide whether and when, in the interests of safety and welfare of children, it is necessary to close the school and make arrangements to get the children home. If a decision is taken to close, a member of school staff will call the Local Authority to advice of the decision. The Local Authority will inform the media to be broadcasted and arrange for the information to be added on the iwight.com website.

In the event of a Head Teacher feeling obliged to decide that there is no alternative but to close the school, the following factors will need to be borne in mind:

  • The safety and welfare of children must be the prime consideration.
  • Only in very exceptional circumstances should a school be closed before children have taken their mid-day meal.
  • Head teachers will wish to satisfy themselves that no child is sent away from school to an empty home.

Dear Families,

During times of inclement weather it may be necessary to contact you and advise you that we need to send the children home early to ensure their safe travel. It is essential that we have a current contact number for you where you can be reached in a case such as this. We have a teachers to parents text service where we can keep you up to date and contact you in the case of an emergency.