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Medicine in School

Administration of medicine in school

  • We have a full-time school nurse at St George’s School. The nurse administers all routine lunchtime medication and carries out medical procedures within the school. In her absence the First Aid Team will deputise where they have been trained and are confident to do so. Occasional medication such as antibiotics will also be administered in school.
  • Every time a student receives medication the procedure is recorded by the person who has given the medicine.
  • Daily procedures will likely be carried out in the class setting by class staff who are trained by the school nurse under the guidance of the NHS.
  • Some students require emergency medication for e.g. seizures to be carried at all times. Staff in the class will be trained to administer this medication by the school nurse under the guidance of the NHS.
  • All medication sent into school should be clearly labelled with a Pharmacy label with the child’s name and should be in date. Please alert class staff if you have sent medication in your child’s school bag as it will need to be removed and locked away in the nurses room medicine cupboard straight away.
  • When your child joins the school you will be asked to sign to consent to pain relief and e.g. the use of plasters and to let us know of any known allergies.
  • If pain relief is given, staff will let you know the time and dosage so you know how long before they are allowed another dose. We ask that you let us know for the same reason if your child has had any medication before they come to school.
  • If your child has Calpol instead of Paracetamol tablets please send in a labelled bottle of Calpol (all pharmacies will label the bottle if requested).
  • Some students are able to self medicate e.g. inhalers. This medication will be kept in the class or carried on their person if they are safe and able to do so.
  • All injuries that occur within school will be reported home either by Home-School book or phone. Please let us know in return if your child injures them self whilst they are not at school. We take our safeguarding responsibility very seriously and if we notice any unexplained injury we are duty bound to explore this.
  • We have a team of First Aid trained staff who take responsibility for caring for any child in case of injury or emergency. 3 staff are also tracheotomy trained.
  • Injuries will be reported via home school book, accident form or telephone depending on severity.

School Medication FormDownloadable School Medication Form