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Reporting Absence

Reporting Absence and First Day Call from School

When a child is ill and/or not able to attend school for any other reason, we require a telephone call as soon as possible on the day of absence. This is very important as we need to be sure your child is safe and accounted for. Absences also need to be covered by a note and explained by parents/carers. This is to ensure our registers are accurate. Absences can only be authorised by the Headteacher or the Governing Body. If we do not hear from you to account for your child’s absence, we will call you to establish the reason for absence. This is for your child’s safeguarding i.e. to make sure if they are not with us you know where they are. This is to ensure that no child goes missing on their way to school. If we are unable to get hold of you by phone we will text you to let you know your child has not arrived at school.

When parents’ holidays do not coincide with the school holidays, it is necessary to notify the school in writing beforehand. A form is available from the school office or from the download link below.

Download the St George´s Term Time Absence FormDownload the St George´s Term Time Absence Form

If your child is unwell at school you will be contacted and asked to collect your child.

For all the reasons above you can see how important it is we have up-to-date information of telephone numbers, emergency contacts, etc. should we need to contact you during the day.