Welcome to St George´s Special School

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‘Together we achieve’

St George’s School Vision Statement

In the community of St George’s School everyone is considered as an individual and is valued equally. Everyone is made to feel welcome and has a voice.
Our school is a safe place to achieve, have fun and to develop skills towards individual, informed paths as we leave school and move forward in life. We learn to make choices for now and the future and to become as independent and self-sufficient as possible taking our place in society as part of Modern Britain. We do our personal best and celebrate our achievements however large or small. As a team we experience the world and work towards achieving our goals and dreams and being the best we can be.

The Governing Body and Staff team at St. George’s School are fully committed to the following mission statements:

  • High standards are achieved through high expectations, robust target setting and high attendance
  • Staff, students and stakeholders alike treat each other with tolerance, compassion and respect.
  • St. George’s practises a Total Communication approach valuing and listening to all.
  • The curriculum and learning activities address the whole person and preparation for the life they will lead on leaving the school.
  • We promote personal, social, moral, spiritual and cultural development, encourage creativity, self-discovery, raise self-esteem and inspire self-discipline and consideration for others.
  • Teaching and learning is high quality, person centered and takes place in carefully designed and presented environments which meet an individual/cohorts’ needs.
  • We listen to all students and stakeholders and foster an atmosphere of mutual respect, cooperation and student leadership.
  • The staff are our most valuable resource and shall be treated as such.