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St Georgeís School Supporting Inclusion
Outreach Service

Our Aims

  • The Outreach team aim to provide a friendly and professional service to mainstream staff.
  • To advise staff, develop their confidence and expertise in teaching pupils with learning disabilities.
  • To provide additional specialist support and to work collaboratively to help staff meet the very high diverse needs within a classroom.
  • To suggest adjustments and adaptations to classroom practice within the context of inclusion.

The Outreach service has been developed to support the inclusion of students with statements of SEN. St Georgeís will provide Outreach support to mainstream schools for these students either directly to named individuals or to the schools. A referral is made by the Educational Psychologist or by the Education psychology department at County Hall and the St Georgeís Outreach team will respond by direct contact with the identified school. The Outreach team can be contacted directly for an initial discussion if required.

Delivery of Service

  • An initial visit will be made to discuss the reason for referral.
  • Lesson observation / discussions with staff will be completed.
  • The Outreach agreement will be written with agreed objectives.
  • Visits to the school and written reports will be made throughout the involvement of service.

The Outreach Service Offers


  • For teachers and teaching assistants on all matters relating to the studentís learning needs participation in lessons, assessments and monitoring progress.


  • On provision of a broad and balanced curriculum for the student; Personalised Learning and Alternative Accreditation Awards for KS4 / KS5.

Joint Problem Solving

  • Working with the SENCo and / or Teachers / Teaching assistance. We do not always have the answers immediately but we will endeavour to find a solution.


  • Teaching approached and techniques that facilitate the studentís participation and learning. This includes how to differentiate the curriculum appropriately according to need and methods to aid retention of knowledge and application of new skills.


  • The opportunity is available for staff to visit St Georgeís for informal discussion with staff; observe lessons; attend specific training sessions at St Georgeís or the mainstream school.


  • Outreach has resources which can be borrowed and individual recourses provided. Staff are welcome to visit St Georgeís to look at these.


  • With writing IEPís target setting, planning and curriculum modification.

Lifting and Handling Team

In order to support students who have a physical disability in a mainstream school, the Lifting Handling team are available to offer advice and training if required. Their focus will be on the safe practice of moving a student in order to reduce the risk of injury to staff. The team will assess each individual student and deliver the theory of safe practice.

Please contact us for future details.